Blow it all up: 3 players Raiders should trade in another disappointing season

The Las Vegas Raiders need to consider all of their options after another disappointing start in 2023. As the trade deadline looms, the Raiders have options.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders
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NFL Rumors: Should the Raiders trade Davante Adams now?

In terms of players who will fetch the most in a trade return, Davante Adams wins hands down. The former Packers wide receiver has proven his all-pro talent in Las Vegas. Despite playing with Derek Carr and now Jimmy Garoppolo, Adams will put up numbers regardless of his quarterback. Heck, at points he has put up numbers in spite of his QB play.

Adams would definitely fetch at least one first-round selection back in return, if not two. He's just that good at his best, and he's fresh off one of his best performances of the season so far against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the right team, Adams would serve as the go-to target every NFL QB desperately needs.

Aaron Rodgers former top target is the kind of wide receiver who can change a postseason performance. Heck, he's done it before. That will not happen in Vegas, even if the Raiders do slightly turn things around.

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