NFL Rumors: 3 Steelers who need a preseason miracle to avoid the cut line

  • A veteran cornerback is likely on his way out
  • Former draft pick probably getting pushed out
  • Franchise staple's time has come to an end
Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph
Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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2. Kendrick Green, OL

Steelers fans were over the moon about landing former Illinois offensive lineman Kendrick Green in the third-round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Viewed as a surefire upgrade for the interior of the offensive line, a true problem area for Pittsburgh at the time, Green was a solid college player who seemed to represent the start of shoring up an issue for this offense.

Fast forward to the preseason of his third year in the league and he has been anything but that. Green has been inconsistent at best and unplayable at worst through his first two seasons. That, unfortunately, has continued with his work in the preseason this year as well.

What makes matters even worse is how the Steelers have improved the interior O-line around Green with his lack of effectiveness and improvement on his own since entering the league.

This offseason, the club made arguably its most impactful move yet in that regard, inking veteran Isaac Seumalo to a free agent deal. But the club has also signed James Daniels in recent years as well. And the totality of the situation is that, if the team is going to wisely keep more tackle than interior depth, then someone is going to get pushed out.

Entering the final preseason game, Nate Herbig and Kevin Dotson could be better bets for the Steelers to make as depth options. Subsequently, unless Green does something remarkable in the trenches against the Falcons, he could be looking for a new team come the beginning of September.