NFL Rumors: 3 trades Steelers doomed the team by not making

The Steelers stood pat at the 2023 NFL trade deadline. Not surprising in the least.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Is anyone really that surprised that the Pittsburgh Steelers stayed quiet on the NFL trade deadline?

The Steelers are suffering from two afflictions this season: Matt Canada, and an unstable quarterback room. No trade was going to magically make those problems disappear. And any offensive pick-up would have likely been corrupted by Canada, so no sense in reaching for Jerry Jeudy or even Davante Adams (Ha! Can you imagine?) this year.

With plenty of questions clouding the offensive identity of this team, it's the defense instead that could stand to add a few star pieces. Pittsburgh doesn't exactly have a Super Bowl window and may not be in contention for several years depending on how the quarterback situation plays out. Still, fans would have loved to see the defense get richer with one or two savvy moves.

Here are three trades the Steelers should've reeled in on deadline day

Jaylon Johnson, CB

In the Steelers' defense, this isn't Madden. They can't force a team to trade with them. Based on recent reports on Jaylon Johnson's availability, it seems like the Bears were the one who shut down trade talks and decided to hold onto Johnson.

Johnson was one of the most rumored trade chips going into October 31, especially after the Bears initially granted him permision to seek a trade.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Steelers appeared to be in the final pool of suitors along with the Bills and 49ers. NFL insider Jordan Schultz reported that the Steelers made a "very strong push" for Johnson but were ultimately denied.

The 24-year-old star corner will be a free agent this offseason, at which point he'll likely garner interest from the entire league. Trading for Johnson mid-season would have provided a tremendous boost to the Steelers' defense and upped morale as well.

Unfortunately for Steelers fans, this isn't Christmas. No presents for the defense this year. It's Halloween instead, and it looks like the Steelers will have to stick it out for another eight weeks in the terrifying AFC North.