NFL rumors: 5 'quarterback away' teams that should trade for Justin Fields

If the Chicago Bears want to move off Justin Fields at the end of the season, he will have suitors.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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While it remains to be seen what the Chicago Bears want to do about their third-year pro quarterback Justin Fields, you better believe he will have suitors on the trade market should Chicago put him on the block.

Fields will be eligible for his fifth-year option out of Ohio State this offseason, which would almost certainly be picked up if he were to conceivably be traded. Chicago may have a new head coach, maybe even a new general manager?

The only thing I trust the Bears to do with the quarterback position is the wrong one. They have forever been chasing the ghost of Sid Luckman, perpetually stuck in 1985. Although they have had talented players under center since Luckman, namely Fields, Jim McMahon, Jay Cutler and to some extent, Rex Grossman, it rarely works out for whatever passer scrambles out of the pocket for his life.

Truthfully, I think it is way too early to forecast if the Bears are indeed going to pivot off Fields this offseason. Heck, I am not even sure if head coach Matt Eberflus or general manager Ryan Poles will be out of a job after only two years in their current roles. But with that in mind, Chicago could get a boatload from a borderline contending team in need of a signal-caller the caliber of Fields this spring.

If the Bears are willing to field trade offers for Fields, do not be shocked if these teams come calling.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers can upgrade from Kenny Pickett with Justin Fields

Out of sheer stubbornness, I highly doubt that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be willing to admit defeat on The Fake Slide King himself, Kenny Pickett. Two gloves, no touchdowns. That should be his catchphrase for not catching on at the same stadium he played his college football at. New name, same old limitations. Pickett is closer to a Bubby Brister than most people in the Steelers organization realize.

While I do believe that Fields would be an upgrade over Pickett, I cannot say if this is the best destination for him, strictly because the direction the team is hoping to go to replace Matt Canada at offensive coordinator has not been made clear. Canada was fired mid-season in Pittsburgh, which is a complete departure from how the Steelers typically do business. Are there cracks in the foundation?

In truth, I think Fields raises the Steelers' ceiling offensively over Pickett, but not considerably. He would still in all likelihood be the fourth-best quarterback in his own division, maybe as high as No. 3, depending on how you feel about Deshaun Watson coming off a season-ending injury for the Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh must make a change or two, but quarterback may not be one of them.

Fields' talent will be elevated by playing for a winning organization, but this is a defensive-minded one.