NFL rumors: 5 'quarterback away' teams that should trade for Justin Fields

If the Chicago Bears want to move off Justin Fields at the end of the season, he will have suitors.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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4. Los Angeles Rams need to look for a Matthew Stafford succession plan

Matthew Stafford may have brought the Los Angeles Rams a Super Bowl championship during his first season in Southern California, but he missed most of last season due to injury and the team is not really all that back to good this year. Stafford is firmly in his mid-30s, getting older by the year. An absolute mega talent in his 20s, Stafford may not have what it takes to win the division with the Rams.

As long as Kyle Shanahan is in San Francisco, the 49ers will have an advantage in terms of offensive play-calling. Brock Purdy is a fine signal-caller, but the former Iowa State standout is clearly being propped up by his head coach. The big question if you are the Rams is how much longer Sean McVay wants to keep doing this? One way to reinvigorate his coaching chops is a younger talent like Fields.

He may already have talented guys in-house in Carson Wentz and Stetson Bennett IV, but Fields has the higher ceiling of Bennett and the less chaotic floor of Wentz. In short, Fields could be a slightly better version of what the Rams had previously before Stafford in Jared Goff. I contest that Goff is a way better play now that he is on the Detroit Lions, but his new team may have won the 2021 trade.

Fields to the Rams would add excitement to what looks to like a one-and-done Super Bowl franchise.