NFL rumors: 5 'quarterback away' teams that should trade for Justin Fields

If the Chicago Bears want to move off Justin Fields at the end of the season, he will have suitors.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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3. Seattle Seahawks will not get over the top with Geno Smith at the helm

If the Seattle Seahawks wanted to keep on keeping on with Geno Smith at quarterback, they can most certainly do that. The former West Virginia star initially busted with the flightless New York Jets before reinventing himself in the Pacific Northwest. A Pro Bowler a year ago, Smith has been just fine in his second season as the starter. However, he is not beating the San Francisco 49ers in-division.

It is the same sort of situation we have found ourselves with the Los Angeles Rams, a team with a good starting quarterback who is struggling to keep pace with a better-run operation in-division with the 49ers. Fields could be electrifying running Shane Waldron's scheme, possibly being a lesser version of what Russell Wilson was for the Seahawks during the peak of his decade-long run there.

Depending on how you feel about Pete Carroll's longevity as the head coach, this is the first potential landing spot for Fields where I can realistically envision him playing, and playing well. Outside of two seasons ago, the Seahawks rarely bottom out under Carroll's watch. If Waldron is tabbed as a potential internal succession candidate, then I would be all in favor of Fields being traded over there.

Fields might be what it takes to take the Seahawks from a top-seven NFC team into a top-four one.