NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers failed attempts to recruit Davante Adams are getting desperate

Aaron Rodgers deeply desires a familiar face to throw to with the Jets.

New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

From the moment Aaron Rodgers made his move to the New York Jets via a (forced) trade, discussion about former teammates he could team up with on his new team percolated, some speculative, some more authentic. The Jets inked Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb to the receiving corps, though the first of them was signed before Rodgers became a Jet.

One name that constantly comes up alongside Rodgers is Davante Adams: One of his favorite receivers to play alongside and one he's found success with in recent seasons. The duo last played together in 2021 before Adams became a Raider. In their final season together, Adams snagged over 1,500 yards and logged 11 touchdowns.

Aaron Rodgers still trying to get Davante Adams to New York

"Aaron Rodgers has been trying to recruit Davante Adams to the Jets," Ian Rapoport said ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday. He reminded viewers on NFL Network that the Jets tried to get him last year and suggested Adams is believed to be a Jets trade target once again this offseason. "The Raiders want to win, believe they can, and have zero plans to trade Davante Adams," Rapoport said.

A crucial caveat that has to be acknowledged here: The Raiders' reluctance to trade Adams has everything to do with their hopes they can win in 2024. So how does that change if they lose in 2024? If they get off to a slow start? It certainly indicates the Raiders might change their tune if that's the case.

That said, the Jets want to get their receiving corps locked in ahead of the season. They can't hinge their hopes to get an offensive boost on another team failing. It's completely out of their control.

Don't expect Adams to be on the Jets for training camp. But if the Raiders lose and the Jets are struggling to get their offense humming? Well, maybe then we've got some business brewing...

For now, though, Rodgers' attempts to reunite with his buddy are futile.

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