NFL Rumors: Bears need to ignore DJ Moore's advice on Justin Fields trade

Chicago Bears wide receiver DJ Moore is putting the organization between a rock and a hard place with Justin Fields.

Detroit Lioins v Chicago Bears
Detroit Lioins v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Chicago Bears wide receiver DJ Moore has put Ryan Poles between a rock and a hard place. While quarterback Justin Fields has shown some flashes in his three years as starting quarterback, the Bears have yet to turn that into much team success.

Also, if there are still questions about Fields after his third year as starter, perhaps it's best for both sides if Chicago moves on. The third season is traditionally the breakout year for a young quarterback. For Fields, it was anything but that, as he was inconsistent and led the Bears to just seven wins.

Chicago is in a tough spot, as they have the No. 1 overall pick in a draft class loaded with quarterback talent. Caleb Williams is the likely top selection, and by most accounts sounds willing to play for the Bears.

DJ Moore wants Bears to stick with Justin Fields over Caleb Williams

Moore was willing to go on the record via Super Bowl media row and tell the Bears his thoughts.

Fields and Moore have a great rapport, which is nice to see. However, Moore doesn't make front office decisions. That is up to Poles, who is already walking on thin ice with ownership. The likelihood that he walks away from another top-overall pick seems slim, especially because Fields hasn't proven he's a top-10 passer in this league.

What Fields does have is a word that rings hollow around Chicago, but does provide some value -- potential. Fields is still young enough to flip for, say, a second-round pick. All the while, the Bears could select Williams as their next quarterback, keep Moore as his No. 1 weapon and use their remaining draft capital to build around him.

That, as far as I'm concerned, is the right idea and the most likely outcome for a general manager drafting for his job.