NFL rumors: Another head coach could be next on chopping block after Frank Reich

With Frank Reich out of a job, the hottest seat in the NFL might now belong to one Brandon Staley.

Frank Reich, Carolina Panthers
Frank Reich, Carolina Panthers / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

For those of you out there who suffer from imposter syndrome, you can do anything you want in your life because Brandon Staley was somehow allowed to be an NFL head coach for multiple seasons. He may not have been pushing snake oil as much as fast-talking Jimbo Fisher was at Texas A&M, but the Los Angeles Chargers have suffered from coaching malpractice ever since Staley took over in 2021.

NFL insider Jordan Schultz is convinced that barring some unforeseen miracle down the stretch, Staley is out in Los Angeles. He attributes this to not sustaining any level of success during the regular season, only making the playoffs once in three years, which included the worst playoff collapse we have seen since 28-3, and of course, his side of the ball being absolutely atrocious...

Staley got the Chargers gig based on one season calling plays on Sean McVay's Los Angeles Rams defense in 2020. Keep in mind that was the COVID season, so really anything that happened that year in any sport needs to be viewed under that lens above all else. The Rams won the Super Bowl the year after he left. Staley inherited Justin Herbert as his quarterback and has the Bolts at 4-7 this season.

It would be shocking at this point if Staley does not join former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels and former Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich in the unemployment line soon.

Once again, coaching is bad across the league, but the elephant in the room right now is firmly Staley.

NFL insider says Brandon Staley's seat is hotter than the sun right now

The first two coaching firings this season were painfully obvious and needed to happen stat. Giving McDaniels power is like giving Ryan Howard of The Office any power. It goes to his head immediately and it is a bad time for everyone involved. That is why Scranton's favorite temp worked out great living his best life working out of a supply closet. WUPHF! Maybe McDaniels will head back to Foxborough?

As far as Reich is concerned, the poor man suffered irreparable damage to his brain working in the Indianapolis cloud. His IQ never recovered from the 25-point drain it sustained working for Jim Irsay. By the time Reich came to Charlotte, he had no chance to overcome by far and away the worst owner in the NFL today in David Tepper, who is akin to a suped-up version of Jimmy Haslam from yesteryear.

Once again, Staley's continued failures as the Chargers head coach are a direct reflection of the organization. I don't blame him for taking the job, trying his best to fake it until he made it. However, the Chargers will always come up short because Dean Spanos likes to pinch pennies more than winning games. Utter hubris allowed him to retain Staley instead of hiring Sean Payton last offseason.

Look at who is starting to turn the corner in Denver, while the Chargers circle the AFC West drain...

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