NFL rumors: Broncos WR sparks renewed trade buzz with social media activity

There are few NFL teams in a worse spot, now and in the future, than the hapless Denver Broncos.

Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos
Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos / Harry How/GettyImages

When it comes to Courtland Sutton possibly wanting to be traded, I get it, man. The former Pro Bowl wide receiver has spent his entire career out of SMU playing on losing teams for the Denver Broncos. They are in the midst of their worst stretch as a franchise since coming over from the AFL. Not only after Peyton Manning retired after winning Super Bowl 50 have the Broncos been this mediocre.

In the wake of releasing their former starting quarterback in Russell Wilson, Sutton removed all Broncos ties from his X account. His latest tweet was something cryptic: "Another one..."

To me, this has everything to do with the Broncos running through quarterbacks like the late Larry King did wives. It has been a hot bag of crap ever since The Sheriff rode off into the sunset in Feb. 2016.

Sutton is under contract the next two seasons at a cool $17 million plus. 2024 will be his age-29 season out of SMU. While he has been a mainstay in the Broncos' receiving corps since being drafted by Denver back in 2018. Although most of Broncos Country is accustomed to winning and winning prolifically, it has not been the case for Sutton in any of his six years catching balls for the franchise.

There could be much more to this than meets the eye, but here is a screenshot of his X account.

No matter how you spell Payton, with a Y or not, there is trouble brewing for the Walton-Penners...

NFL rumors: Courtland Sutton may want to be traded by Denver Broncos

I want to give their head coach Sean Payton some credit. He just got to Denver last year. While the Broncos were still the definition of mid under him, it was not a complete and utter clown show like it was under his predecessor Nathaniel Hackett. At this point, I cannot honestly remember how many head coaches the Broncos have had since Gary Kubiak won a Super Bowl with the team back in 2015.

Given that the Broncos play in the AFC West with the two-time defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, it is hard to see them being any better than a Wild Card team should everything come up aces for them next year. By cutting ties with Wilson, the Broncos are going to eat so much dead cap, it is not even funny. Without eyebrows, I cannot see the expression on George Paton's face.

At this point, Paton needs to crush it this offseason in both NFL free agency and the NFL Draft soon to follow. He was supposed to be so good at this job, but now he is arguably one of the worst general managers in the league. I mean, this is Colorado's favorite team. It should not be tolerated to see the Broncos be this continually terrible. If Sutton wants out, then I totally get it, man. This team sucks...

The question is if somebody even wants to take on his $17 million-plus salary for the next two years.

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