NFL Rumors: Browns desperate move, Zach Ertz reunion, Jim Harbaugh suitors

  • Jim Harbaugh connected to 2 NFL teams already
  • Could Zach Ertz return to a familiar home?
  • Browns are grasping at straws to save the season

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NFL Rumors: Jim Harbaugh connected to Bears, Panthers jobs

JIm Harbaugh was suspended twice for various offenses during the Michigan Wolverines' undefeated regular season. Now, according to Bruce Feldman of The Athletic, Harbaugh could face a suspension for the "bulk" of the 2024 season, too.

As the Wolverines deal with the fallout of their infamous sign-stealing scandal, the threat of penalties will continue to plague Harbaugh. Naturally, there has been speculation tying him to the NFL, where he experienced great success — including a Super Bowl appearance with the San Francisco 49ers — last time around.

Harbaugh has repeatedly shut down NFL rumors in recent years, but circumstances change. His inability to coach a full season at Michigan could prompt him to leave for greener pastures. He is not blameless in the Wolverines' situation, but Harbaugh has earned the benefit of the doubt. Or, at the very least, he has proven to NFL teams that he can succeed at the highest level, no matter the noise.

According to Dianna Russini in a recent appearance on 'The Herd,' the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears are both "in play," although Harbaugh could also wait for more jobs to open up. The Panthers fired Frank Reich earlier in the week. Chicago hasn't officially canned Matt Eberflus, but his seat is hotter than Hades.

"[Panthers owner David] Tepper and Harbaugh had conversations last year. It obviously didn't pan out, but this was something that they discussed. So that's a name I'm hearing again. The Chicago Bears are another organization I have heard has had some conversations about that depending on what decision they make with this coaching staff that is in place and, of course, what they do with that quarterback situation."

If Harbaugh was talking to NFL teams last season, he has even more reason to consider a change of scenery now. He can stick at Michigan, weather the storm, and make a metric ton of money as the head football coach of a prestige program, but there's nothing like winning in the NFL.

If he wants to get back to the Super Bowl, and possibly win it... he can't do that at Michigan.