NFL Rumors: Browns close to signing a new Nick Chubb replacement

The Cleveland Browns are close to signing Kareem Hunt to replace Nick Chubb after he suffered a major knee injury on Monday Night Football.

Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns
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The Cleveland Browns are closing in on a deal that would bring Kareem Hunt back to some familiar stomping grounds. Hunt, a former Pro Bowler himself with the Kansas City Chiefs, saw some success with the Browns as the No. 2 to Chubb, and a reliable goal-line threat at that.

With the Browns, it's fair to expect Hunt to take over a similar role, with Jerome Ford receiving most of the reps at first because of his familiarity with the playbook. Ford played very well for Cleveland in Monday night's loss in Pittsburgh, though much of that positive play was overlooked by the injury to Chubb, which could now require two surgeries instead of one.

Browns sign Kareem Hunt: What it means for depth chart

With Hunt, Cleveland will boast a promising backfield to help Deshaun Watson, who looked borderline overpowered against a tough Steelers defense on Monday night.

Hunt and Ford alone will not make up for Chubb, who is one of if not the best running back in football. Chubb has now suffered two major knee injuries in his career, and it's fair to wonder if the Georgia product will be the same player we've come to know and love upon his return.

Watson, who was made the highest-paid quarterback in football when he signed with Cleveland post-trade, must now prove that he can lead a team to the playoffs on his own. The Browns boast a solid defense, and weapons for Watson to throw to in Amari Cooper. The only thing that's left is for Watson to go perform up to par, which has not happened thus far as Cleveland starter.

It's unclear what Hunt's role will be upon arrival. There's a reason Cleveland was fine rolling with Ford as the backup to begin the regular season. They clearly see something in him.

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