NFL rumors: Bills forthcoming signing about to force Ken Dorsey to finally shift his playbook

The Buffalo Bills are looking to add to their offense, and the most likely signing would be a subtle plea from management to Ken Dorsey to run the ball more.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

Ken Dorsey's offensive system for the Buffalo Bills is a measured balance between the passing game and the run game with a slight preference for the pass. Buffalo passes the ball 56.9% of the time so far this year, but one potential new add could very well urge Dorsey to script in more running plays.

Some Bills fans and James Cook fantasy managers -- yours truly included in the latter grouping -- have been clamoring for Dorsey to establish the run game more in the Bills offense. After all, committing to the run would, in theory, open up so many more opportunities for Josh Allen in the passing game.

Buffalo has still scored, currently ranking third in total touchdowns, but other high point total teams have run the ball well this year. The 49ers, ranking second in touchdowns, run the ball more than any team. The top-scoring Dolphins rank eight in run percentage. Other top-scoring teams include the Lions (third in TDs, fifth in run percentage) and Eagles (sixth, fourth).

The Bills rank 14th in run percentage.

If Dorsey's excuse for less reliance on the run was a lack of weapons, that's about to go out the door.

Bills set to work out Leonard Fournette

Jordan Schultz reported on Monday night that the Buffalo Bills are going to work out Leonard Fournette, with the expectation that there is a "good chance" he'll sign with the team so long as the workout goes well.

Fournette remains an unsigned free agent and is looking to begin his seventh year in the NFL after three years with the Jacksonville Jaguars and three with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He won a Super Bowl in his latter stint, a key player in the Bucs Super Bowl LV win.

Fournette has earned the nickname of Playoff Lenny over the years for his emergence in the season's epilogue. Buffalo, certainly, could use that, as they've failed to get to the Super Bowl in this era despite having a team clearly capable with championship expectations from training camp until the final buzzer.

The Bills would surely have to squeeze some of its running backs out if Murray is signed and elevated off the practice squad. James Cook likely stays as RB1, but Murray might get the second-string designation ahead of Latavius Murray. Damien Harris could be the odd man out, though he did have a 41-yard run-back on a kick return, so he may have some value worth keeping for special teams. That said, he's only been used once in that capacity.

Fournette, according to Schultz, is fielding interest from several teams. Buffalo may need to move fast if they have hopes of securing him for yet another playoff push.

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