NFL Rumors: Caleb Williams has answered all but one draft concern Bears could have

Are you concerned about Caleb Williams' character, his father or his medical? The Bears aren't.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams (QB14)
USC quarterback Caleb Williams (QB14) / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What are the biggest questions about Caleb Williams going into the NFL Draft?

  1. Character.
  2. His father's influence.
  3. His medical.

Whether you view the gravity of those concerns in that order (or believe any of them are true concerns at all), those are the things that have been used as a club against Williams since his draft evaluation began.

Well, parsing Albert Breer's reporting for Sports Illustrated, Williams has effectively answered all those questions throughout the process and coming out of the NFL Combine.

Caleb Williams character concerns are an internet fabrication

Whether reacting to his painted nails, his raw emotions on the sideline or absence from certain postgame interviews, many assumptions have been made about Williams and how he relates to teammates, coaches and the game of football.

In doing their due diligence, the Chicago Bears seem to have found only positives.

According to Breer, Ryan Poles had Bears scouts grill former teammates appearing at college all-star games about Williams: "Sometimes, you can get awkward pauses, if players are lukewarm on teammates they’re asked about. It was the opposite in this case. The mention of Williams’s name brought about a lot of smiles."

Former USC assistant Kliff Kingsbury "described a player beloved by his coaches and teammates" during his interview process for the Bears OC gig.

The Bears' contingent at the NFL Combine who got to interview Williams at the Combine saw "an easy confidence," the kind that allows the quarterback not to care about what people think of him. (The kind too often mistaken for arrogance.) The kind that could make him suited to the "pressure and spotlight" in Chicago.

Look far and wide and you won't hear a bad thing said about Williams from the people who played with or coached him.


Interference from Caleb Williams' father is a red herring

The interview with Kingsbury also assuaged worries about how Carl Williams might interfere in his son's career.

"The quarterback’s dad, Kingsbury told them, was sharp, and someone that Williams leaned on a lot business-wise. But the father left the football part to his kid; Kingsbury explained to Chicago he saw the dad maybe once last year at USC’s practice facility."

An interview Williams did with GQ last summer drummed up a whole lot of rumor-mongering about Williams' seeking team ownership and maneuvering beyond his station as someone who has never taken a snap in the pros. Much of that was a misinterpretation of Carl simply being very aware of his son's brand power.

As Breer wrote, "This year’s combine showed that the football player of tomorrow is here today." Players of Williams' generation are increasingly interested in pushing the boundaries of the way it's always been done. They're asking questions of the system.

Caleb Williams medical isn't a concern, but it is the only box left unchecked for the Bears

Williams didn't undergo medical testing at the combine because realistically it was unnecessary. He's likely to be the No. 1 pick in the draft. Even if he were to fall, less than a handful of teams actually need a medical from him.

But the Bears do need a medical before they use the first pick on him, and that will come when he visits the team after USC's Pro Day on March 20.

The growing noises around the Bears seeking to trade Justin Fields point in one direction. Short of a failed medical or something totally unexpected, Chicago has checked just about every box on Williams.

His ability as a football player is obvious on tape. His character is not an issue. His father is not an issue. No one expects his medical to be an issue either.

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