NFL Rumors: Chiefs keeping stars, Cowboys surprise return, Jets-Davante Adams trade package

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NFL Rumors: Potential Jets trade package for Davante Adams

From the moment that the New York Jets acquired Aaron Rodgers, fans began speculating about the possibility of Gang Green trying to get Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams to the Big Apple.

Of course, Rodgers' Achilles tear after four snaps with his new team killed any shot of a reunion with his former Packers teammate, at least for the 2023 season. The 2024 season, however, might be another story entirely.

The Raiders are a team very much in flux right now. Antonio Pierce is taking over as the new head coach with the interim tag now removed, but there is no set plan at quarterback, the defense has gaping holes, and the offense has more needs than just a signal-caller as well. Put simply, it's an odd fit for the post-30 Adams to be on.

That has led to speculation, yet again, of a possible trade this offseason. And the Jets are indeed a fit that has been listed, most recently by Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report. Taking it one step farther, though, he proposed a trade package that the Jets could send to the Raiders.

Jets-Davante Trade

In all honesty, this would make a ton of sense. With the amount of dead money the Raiders would likely have to take on in a trade with how Adams' contract is structured, it would make sense to swap first-rounders this year -- especially with only a three-slot difference -- and essentially send a pair of fourth-rounders and next year's second-round pick. That's fair value.

It also seems incredibly likely that we see a deal at least similar to this. With Rodgers missing 2023 and returning next season, his window with the Jets appears narrow. That will likely spark an all-in approach from New York, and going after Adams on the trade market fits that bill to the highest degree.