NFL Rumors: Chris Jones-Chiefs update, Raiders top QB priority, Broncos QB letdown

  • Broncos might be a disappointment next year based on their QB target
  • The Raiders are honing in on a solution to their QB problems
  • A timeline is clearing up for Chris Jones to possibly agree on a contract with the Chiefs

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Broncos QB outlook could be bleak

Handing out a record-setting guaranteed contract to an aging quarterback before they've played a snap of football for you... What could go wrong... Right? The Denver Broncos hitching their cart to Russell Wilson at quarterback and overleveraging themselves with him has resulted in no playoff appearances and a 13-21 record over the last two seasons.

In that period the Broncos have fired one head coach and moved onto another, and arguably the "confidence in Russ" plane never even got off the runway. The Broncos appear prepared to eat a ridiculous amount of money to move onto a new QB.

Or, perhaps just look within? Jeff Legwold of ESPN penned an insider column where he looked at quarterback solutions for the Broncos (subscription required). Of the options, one that he called "likely" was going with Jared Stidham, the Broncos current backup. He points out that it's the only economically sound solution since the Broncos are going to be eating Wilson's cap hit for a while yet. Stidham would give the Broncos a bad year of catch-up financially so they can jump back into the draft or free agent market next year to find a better solution.

Stidham played his fourth year in the league last year and has thus far projected as a career second-stringer. There's value in that role, but he's an uninspiring name to be named the starter.

Clearly, this road for the Broncos and head coach Sean Payton who came in last year projects to be a long and languishing one.