Overreaction Tuesday: 3 insane trades Jerry Jones could make to 'fix' the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys took a tough Week 3 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. If Jerry Jones were the overreacting type, what three trades could he pull off to help "fix" America's Team?

Jerry Jones during the Week 3 matchup between his Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals
Jerry Jones during the Week 3 matchup between his Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Dallas Cowboys trade target after Week 3 loss: Buccaneers LB Devin White

The Dallas Cowboys were linked to disgruntled Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Devin White during this past NFL offseason as the 2020 Second-Team All-Pro was unhappy about not receiving a contract extension.

And while White did receive a raise when the Bucs picked up his fifth-year option, he was clearly looking for a much bigger one.

Todd Bowles eventually got him to stop linking himself to other teams on social media, one of them being the Cowboys, White still doesn't have a contract beyond this season. And that's precisely the kind of player Jerry Jones should be looking at anyway.

Let's face it. The Cowboys' biggest weakness on defense is at the linebacker position. When healthy, Leighton Vander Esch can still get the job done, but Damone Clark is still a question mark. And Dan Quinn has had to resort to using safety Markquese Bell at linebacker at times.

So why not take a shot at Devin White as a one-season rental and see what happens? There's nothing that says the Cowboys have to keep him beyond the 2023 campaign, and they likely couldn't afford to anyway, as the 25-year-old is likely to command a lucrative contract this offseason.

And if not White, perhaps Jones should take a look at Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen, who Baltimore hasn't committed to beyond this season either.