Latest Cowboys rumors suggest an exciting mistake in first round of draft

The Dallas Cowboys could stumble into gold according to the latest NFL mock draft.
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys have very clearly defined needs on the offensive and defensive lines. So, naturally, there has been a lot of talk about Jerry Jones potentially burning his first-round pick on a quarterback or bolstering a position of relative strength.

The latest NFL mock draft from Peter Schrager has the Cowboys making an objective mistake. A move the Cowboys should not make. That said... it's a fun concept.

He has Dallas selecting from the in-state talent pool, drafting Texas Longhorns WR Xavier Worthy with the No. 24 pick. Worthy has been on the rise during the pre-draft cycle after setting the 40-yard dash record at the NFL Draft Combine with a 4.21-second time, emerging as the literal fastest man available.

His top-line speed and penchant for explosive plays would look quite good next to Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb in Mike McCarthy's offense. The Cowboys would pair the NFL's preeminent workhorse receiver in Lamb with a bonafide track star that can stretch the defense vertically. Again, it's a lot of damn fun to think about.

Cowboys select Texas WR Xavier Worthy in latest mock draft

Dallas should focus on the trenches, even if it's a slightly more boring plan to the average viewer. Football fans don't tune in to watch offensive lineman executes blocks, or really even to watch defensive linemen try to evade them. But, it's essential nuts-and-bolts stuff. The Cowboys' success has long been tied to an elite O-line and D-line. Those cannot become areas of weakness now.

The primary justification for drafting Worthy, aside from the entertainment value, would probably be the lingering uncertainty about Lamb's future in Dallas. The All-Pro wideout enters the final year of his contract without an extension, and there's already a level of discomfort setting in. Jerry Jones has yet to work out several key extensions, potentially signaling a desire to move this Cowboys franchise in a new direction sooner than later.

I'd argue the Cowboys should just pay Lamb (and Dak Prescott) and stop messing around. The idea that Dallas can afford to potentially frustrate Prescott and lose him in free agency is silly. The same can be said for Lamb. At worst, Lamb is a top-five wideout in the sport. The Cowboys aren't going to replace him in the draft. Worthy has a ton of talent, but he's rail-thin with a history of drop problems. He is never stepping into Lamb's current workload.

Worthy darting up the sidelines and distracting defenses while Prescott and Lamb work their magic would be a ton of fun. Prescott would surely orchestrate a healthy dose of down-field bombs to Worthy, who is hard to catch once he has momentum in the open field. That said, Worthy would serve primarily as insurance in case Dallas drops the ball in contract negotiations. He doesn't elevate the current core the same way a high-level lineman would. The Cowboys need to focus on building around their best players, not replacing them.

Still, though. Fun is fun. And Worthy is Dallas is fun.

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