NFL rumors: Derrick Henry trade interest, Vikings picking up trade calls, receivers up for trade

  • A specific group of receivers have been named as highly available by NFL insiders
  • The Vikings are picking up calls on trades, with one player looking likely to head out
  • The latest on interest from teams in trading for Derrick Henry

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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Derrick Henry trade update

Derrick Henry on the move? Seeing the seemingly eternal power running back play for any team but the Tennessee Titans after over 100 games and his entire career in Nashville thus far would be strange for NFL fans. But looking at the macro, the Titans need to set themselves up for the future, and the one asset sure to net them as many draft picks as possible to secure their future would be Derrick Henry.

Henry is a free agent after this season, so his departure from Tennessee may happen soon one way or another. Similar to Hunter on the previous slide, it makes a lot of sense for Tennessee to net assets while they can rather than seeing Henry walk for nothing in the offseason.

Titans fans can breathe, though, if they're hoping to see Henry stay. Diannia Russini reported that she has yet to find an executive throughout the league that is showing significant interest for Henry.

That doesn't necessarily mean no such executive exists. Perhaps, for instance, execs are holding cards tight and refusing to give that information up just yet to reporters. Or, Russini perhaps just hasn't gotten to the one team that may have significant interest.

But it's also easy to see why a Henry trade could fail to come to bear. After all, Henry will command a massive draft pick haul, and teams are only guaranteed to have him for the remainder of this year. A running back like Henry is a game-changing addition, no doubt, but there are real concerns about adding a player like Henry to the offense midseason. While his efforts seem simple on the surface -- take the ball, bowl over everyone, and run as far as you can -- there are plenty of playbook nuances that are difficult to adjust to midseason for offensive players. There's a world in which the Henry addition doesn't prove to be a Super Bowl-winning adjustment for teams, therefore reducing the appetite for the risk that comes along with such a move.

My prediction is we see Henry play out this last year in Tennessee. The Titans will rightfully ask for a massive haul of picks for him, something I can't see most teams wanting to give up for a rental.

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