NFL Rumors: Deshaun Watson's mess, Vikings fire sale, Mac Jones short leash

  • The Minnesota Vikings have received calls on three players.
  • Deshaun Watson might return soon...or he might not.
  • Mac Jones is on a short leash for the New England Patriots

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NFL Rumors: Mac Jones is on a short leash for the New England Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is on a very short leash. Jones and the Patriots have lost by a truly egregious scoreline the past two weeks. Against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, Jones will not have nearly as much leeway.

Bill Belichick came to his quarterback's defense this week and reiterated that he doesn't expect to make an changes. As for Jones, he's just trying to keep things in perspective.

"We're out there playing a game that I love," Jones said. "And right now it's not looking too good. We need to find a way to flip the switch and go out there and have fun and sling the ball around and have guys make plays and celebrate with each other, too."

Malik Cunningham has seen his time in practice increase. Cunningham also signed a three-year deal with New England this week, which could be a signal of what's to come. Bailey Zappe has come in for Jones in each of the last two games. As for Jones, the advanced statistics courtesy of's Ian Rapoport aren't in his favor:

"Over his last two contests, Jones has completed 55.8% of his passes for 130 passing yards, zero touchdowns and four interceptions. Combined with a passer rating of 35.0, it's the worst two-game span of his career, and New England has seen 13 of its 25 offensive drives end after three or fewer plays during this stretch. Jones also currently ranks 31st in passer rating among the 33 qualified QBs."

Jones could finally ride the pine if things go south this week.