NFL Rumors: Eagles could have next OC lined up, which is big news for Nick Sirianni

Nick Sirianni has been the subject of rumors, but instead of firing him, the Eagles could give him some more help.

Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni
Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Sirianni / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles had the most disappointing second half of the season of any team in the NFL. After playing at a higher level than arguably any team in the NFC and establishing themselves as Super Bowl contenders a year after reaching the big game, the Eagles completely collapsed and won just one of their final six regular season games before being embarrassed in the Wild Card round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baker Mayfield (of all people).

Nick Sirianni became the subject of rumors regarding his future at the helm as a result of this terrible collapse, but it appears Philadelphia will do the sensible thing and keep their young standout coach in charge.

The Eagles should keep Sirianni and replace his coordinators

Better yet, it looks like the Eagles are going to provide Sirianni with some support on the coaching staff. According to the NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, the Eagles could hire Jim Bob Cooter from the Indianapolis Colts as their new offensive coordinator, replacing Brian Johnson. This would be contingent on Sirianni staying at the helm, because, presumably, a new head coach would hire his guy.

Either way, it appears the Eagles could have two new coordinators in 2024, regardless of Sirianni's future. Sirianni should be safe, for now, but even that isn't a guarantee. Though if they can keep him at the helm and get upgrades at the coordinator positions, having already replaced Sean Desai with Matt Patricia on the defensive side of the ball mid-season, that would be ideal for the Eagles. Sirianni has done good work for the organization to this point, late collapse aside.

Jim Bob Cooter has one of the most unique names in the NFL, and he also has an impressive resumé. He worked with Drew Brees and the high-octane New Orleans Saints offense before making a bigger name for himself as a surprisingly innovative coordinator for the Detroit Lions while working with Matthew Stafford. He could give a real boost to AJ Brown, Jalen Hurts, and an Eagles offense that has a ton of potential if they can add a little more depth to help their talented quarterback out.

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