NFL Rumors: Jets can cross one QB pivot off the board

After starting the season 1-2, the Jets must make a change at the quarterback position if they hope to make it to the playoffs, but this quarterback said, "I got no interest in doing that right now."

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After another painful week for New York Jets fans, many are demanding that the team acquire a new quarterback who isn't Zach Wilson, no matter the cost.

There are many quarterbacks the Jets could try to add, including players like Tom Brady, who completely shut down the media and said, "Next question," to being asked if he wanted to sign with the Jets.

But another seemingly more interesting and realistic option, one inextricably tied to Brady too, is now turning Robert Saleh's team down too: Matt Ryan.

NFL Rumors: Matt Ryan won't save the Jets from Zach Wilson

"I got no interest in doing that right now," Ryan said during an appearance on CBS Sports HQ.

Zach Wilson's performances haven't been even close to good. Now, the Jets are becoming unbearable to watch. Rodgers has said that Wilson is going to take over the team when he leaves in a few years, but right now, Wilson isn't the guy who should have the starting job.

Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins, or several other options still exist, but change has to come.

Wilson didn't perform too poorly in relief of the injured Rodgers in Week 1, going 14-of-21 with 140 yards. But in the second game and first start, a 30-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, he was terrible, only completing 44 percent of his passes while throwing three interceptions. He didn't throw an interception in the loss to the Patriots in Week 3, but his 157 yards, inefficient throwing and poor performance led to a stagnant overall offense.

Matt Ryan won't be the guy coming in, but they need someone to do so. This is a Jets roster many believed capable of winning a Super Bowl with Rodgers, and there is plenty of middle ground to find between Rodgers and what we've seen from Wilson.