NFL rumors: Jets not giving up on star trade hopes, Falcons make definitive QB move, Raiders signaling HC decision

  • The Raiders seem impressed by Antonio Pierce
  • The Falcons have made their choice at QB
  • Jets still hungry for a star trade this offseason
New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Falcons are bringing Desmond Ridder back up off the bench

Desmond Ridder is back off the bench, expected to be the Atlanta Falcons' starting quarterback the rest of the season and perhaps beyond. Ridder started the first eight games of the year and amassed a 4-4 record with six passing touchdowns and six interceptions, and three rushing touchdowns.

Taylor Heinicke took over as the starter in Weeks 9 and 10, Ridder coming in to relieve in the second of those contests. The two quarterbacks have nearly identical QB ratings so far this season as Falcons at 84.1 for Ridder and 84.2 for Heinicke.

The substitution and benching was not a permanent demotion for Ridder, though, as the team apparently always expected to turn back to him. The temporary demotion was designed to create a, "reset," according to James Palmer of NFL Network, with he and Ian Rapoport reporting that Ridder will come off the bench to start again for Atlanta's next game in Week 12 against the New Orleans Saints.

The two-game stint with Ridder on the bench did not come with overall good results for the Falcons, who went 0-2 and fell to 4-6 in the duration. Still, the NFC South remains one of the most middling divisions in the NFL, so there is an opportunity for the Falcons to win a playoff slot if Ridder gets the team back on track.