NFL rumors: Jets QB situation, Anthony Richardson hope, Bakhtiari conspiracy theory

  • David Bakhtiari didn't play Sunday. Is it related to his anti-turf stance?
  • Anthony Richardson could play this week, depending on progression.
  • The latest on if the Jets will sign a new quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
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Is David Bakhtiari boycotting turf?

After David Bakhtiari saw his former teammate Aaron Rodgers tear his Achilles' on the fourth play of his career with his second-ever NFL team, he had choice words for the NFL. Bakhtiari believed the injury to be yet another data point in his crusade to swear off all non-natural playing surfaces in the NFL, since Rodgers' injury happened at MetLife stadium, on turf.

Previously, Rodgers played all his home games with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, which has natural grass.

Bakhtiari took issue with the news that has come out recently that the NFL stadiums hosting World Cup games in the coming years will have grass installed.

Bakhtiari didn't play on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, and conspiracy theories were starting to bubble because the Falcons, an indoor team, also have turf. Was he sitting out as a matter of principle, to prove a point?

A Tweet from his brother created more questions than answers and asked directly about the topic early in the week, the tackle didn't give a very clear answer about if he would sit out turf games.

Adam Schefter joined Pat McAfee on his show live on Monday and fielded questions about the theory.

"Those knees have given him problems," Schefter said. "And I don't think it was an issue of they're playing on turf or not. I think he just basically had some sort of flare-up that prevented him from going [Sunday]."

Doesn't appear to be turf related... But it's hard to ignore the pattern. The next two games are at home in Green Bay before they travel to Las Vegas which is, notably, turf. Keep an eye out for his availability then.