NFL Rumors: Kirk Cousins Vikings return, Steelers drama, Mac Jones-Browns?

  • Kirk Cousins could make a comeback on the Vikings in 2024
  • Wait, do the Steelers have two starting running backs?
  • Mac Jones to the Browns, who says no?

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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NFL Rumors: Is Najee Harris or Jaylen Warren the Steelers' starting RB?

This is like a classic sketch of the "Who's on first?" bit, but it's "Who's the starter?"

According to various sources, Steelers running back Jaylen Warren was reportedly announced as a starter in Week 10's game against the Packers. Yet on the Steelers' first drive, Najee Harris was spotted taking the first snap out of the backfield.

What is going on with Pittsburgh's running back room? Is this another case of Matt Canada's indecipherable offensive strategy?

Head coach Mike Tomlin tried to clear up some confusion and said after the game that Warren "deserved" to be announced with the starters.

Both Warren and Harris ended up splitting the workload in the 23-19 win over the Packers; Warren finished with 15 carries for 101 yards and one touchdown while Harris finished with 16 carries for 82 yards and one touchdown. Each running back played 33 snaps.

So far this season, Warren trumps Harris in efficiency, but by virtue of being the more established back, Harris may still be considered the team's RB1 on paper. Based on Tomlin's comments, though, the two could end up sharing a more equal snap count going into the final stretch of the season.