NFL Rumors: Kirk Cousins Vikings return, Steelers drama, Mac Jones-Browns?

  • Kirk Cousins could make a comeback on the Vikings in 2024
  • Wait, do the Steelers have two starting running backs?
  • Mac Jones to the Browns, who says no?
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
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NFL Rumors: Mac Jones could end up on the Browns this season

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has lost the locker room. He's being berated by his coaches mid-game. To save the last shreds of his dignity, Jones should... join the Browns?

Rob Gronkowski proposed the wild notion on a Wednesday segement of the Up & Adams Show, where he said that Jones should ask for his release out of New England.

Gronk said, "If you're talking to me about what [Jones] should do, he should ask for his release. And then if it's granted, he should go sign with the Cleveland Browns and start a new career. Imagine that."

Gronk noted that he thought Jones would be a good fit in Cleveland and that the change of scenery would prove whether Jones was "the real deal" or not.

On the Browns, Jones would inherit an offense with some decent pieces: Elijah Moore, David Njoku, and a strong rushing corps led by Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt. Not to mention, Cleveland boasts one of the most complete defenses in the league and is 6-3 to start the season.

Jones would no doubt relish a fresh start after essentially living in Tom Brady's shadow in Foxboro for the last two-plus years. Would the Browns, who will be without Deshaun Watson for the rest of the year, actually want him?

Browns fans just can't catch a break. First Watson, and now potentially Jones? How about a huge helping of "No, thank you."

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