NFL Rumors: Packers draft double-up, surprise Raiders QB, Bears-Stefon Diggs trade

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NFL Rumors: Bears trade package for Stefon Diggs proposed

Another offseason, another round of speculation about whether or not the Buffalo Bills will trade star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. This is a song and dance most NFL fans are familiar with at this point, but there seems to at least be some more legs to it as we eye the 2024 offseason than there has been in previous years.

More so than before, Diggs has expressed publicly inherent doubt about his future in Buffalo. That's only going to further any speculation that he could be traded. But then comes the age-old inquiry: If Stefon Diggs is traded, which team would make the move for him?

While the Dallas Cowboys have long been speculated as a potential landing spot, pairing Diggs with his brother Trevon Diggs in Big D, there is seemingly less buzz in that department this time around. One team that is certainly in the market for a receiver this offseason in the midst of other massive potential changes, though, is the Chicago Bears.

Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report recently put together trade packages for some of the top Stefon Diggs trade destinations, the Bears included. Here's the simple deal he put together for Chicago to land another top-tier pass-catcher to put alongside D.J. Moore:

CHI-Diggs trade

Moton made clear to distinguish that the Bears would be unlikely to fork over the No. 9 overall picks for Diggs -- a smart call as that's far too rich -- but if they could trade back into the late-teens or so, a deal of this nature would be far more palatable and still give the Bills a nice haul in return.

The Bears have a fascinating offseason ahead. The expectation for now is that the club will draft Caleb Williams No. 1 overall with the pick sent to them by the Panthers ahead of last year's draft, thus meaning they'll also trade Justin Fields. What happens with their own first-round pick, currently No. 9 overall, is a mystery though. If they could turn that into Stefon Diggs while also having more Top 100 selections from the Fields trade, however, that puts Chicago in a highly advantageous situation moving forward with an all-world rookie quarterback taking over the offense.