NFL Rumors: Raiders OC options after Kliff Kingsbury’s exit revealed

Who will be the Raiders next offensive coordinator?

Kliff Kingsbury
Kliff Kingsbury / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Antonio Pierce already has a new GM to work with in Tom Telesco, formerly of the rival Los Angeles Chargers, but the Las Vegas Raiders still need to find a strong offensive coordinator for the former linebacker to work with. There's a lot of optimism regarding Pierce as the new Raiders head coach, especially after how he uplifted the team following the draconian leadership of frequently failed coach Josh McDaniels.

Kliff Kingsbury looked like the ideal option to take charge as the leader of the Raiders lukewarm offense, but he backed out of the job just when it seemed like he was the clear favorite to get hired. Perhaps he was dissuaded by the uncertain quarterback situation after both Aiden O'Connell and Jimmy Garoppolo struggled to move the offense.

Now, the Raiders are left to pivot to new options at coordinator, and there are three names involved, according to ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler. Raiders fans will be glad to know the organization is interested in current Dallas Cowboys and former Kansas City Chiefs coordinator Eric Bienemy, one of the most highly-regarded minds in the NFL and someone who could be a fantastic, home-run hire.

NFL Rumors: Raiders OC candidates include former rival Eric Bienemy

The Raiders have shown a high amount of interest in Chicago Bears coordinator Luke Getsy. And finally, they reportedly interviewed former Indianapolis Colts coordinator Pep Hamilton, though he is apparently seen as a position coach.

Hiring any of these three men would be a solid move for the Raiders, though Bienemy is obviously the most exciting potential addition of the potential candidates. Hamilton on the staff, along with Marvin Lewis, could help round out a strong group of experienced coaches for Pierce to work with in 2024 and beyond.

Pierce certainly knows how to coach offensive players, but having a strong coordinator on that side of the ball is so vital for a former defensive player, whose insight on coaching defensive positions would naturally be higher.

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