NFL Rumors: Raiders' surprise QB target, Cowboys-Jets trade, Baker Mayfield contract

  • The Las Vegas Raiders' surprising quarterback target is fantastic if it works out for them.
  • Would the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets benefit from this blockbuster trade?
  • What could Baker Mayfield's new contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look like?

Antonio Pierce, Las Vegas Raiders
Antonio Pierce, Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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NFL Rumors: This Las Vegas Raiders QB target might surprise you

One team that desperately needs a new starting quarterback would be the Las Vegas Raiders. With Jimmy Garoppolo's time with the Silver and Black done, as well as Aidan O'Connell having a relatively low ceiling as a starter, it might serve the Raiders to look at a guy in the NFL Draft. While they could get a decent one at No. 13, what if they traded up to get a guy that Antonio Pierce knows very well?

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported that Pierce may want to target former LSU star Jayden Daniels.

"Jayden Daniels out of LSU is a name to watch, as I've talked to a few teams who have pointed out Antonio Pierce, who was with him at ASU back in the day, loves him. Of course, he went to LSU, won the Heisman, could be a top 3 pick. Raiders pick 13th, so they would have to make a huge jump to get up there and get him, but it's at least a possibility."

Pierce was on Herm Edwards' staff at Arizona State when Daniels played for the Sun Devils. Although Pierce was a prominent reason for why Arizona State was on sanctions last year in the wake of Edwards being let go, the connection he made with Daniels in Tempe seems to be a real one. Daniels had talent coming out of high school, but it was not until he played for Brian Kelly did he harness it.

Overall, Daniels is going to work at a lot of places. He could go as high as No. 2 to the Washington Commanders, but probably won't make it past the top three. The New England Patriots could be high on his as well, but so are other teams picking inside the top 16 who need quarterbacks. I would venture to guess that the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos all want him, too.

It would take an arm and a leg for the Raiders to move up 10 spots to even have a shot at Daniels.

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