NFL rumors: Rodgers return has one massive stipulation, WR may not be Chiefs biggest issue, Bryce Young benching

  • A Bryce Young benching was the source of heavy debate in Carolina
  • The Chiefs have depth problems with multiple offensive depth charts
  • Aaron Rodgers return to play this year is looking unlikely, but one thing could keep him in it

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Chiefs biggest concern may no longer be WR on the offensive side

From Week 1, the thinnest part of the Kansas City Chiefs offensive attack has been the receiving corps. Patrick Mahomes has kept things in check with passing wizardry -- and tight end Travis Kelce has continued to give Mahomes a reliable pass-catcher even without a traditional WR1 -- and gotten the team to 8-3, but at their lowest, Chiefs receivers have dropped catchable passes from Mahomes.

It creates resasonable questions about how far this team can go in the postseason. Mahomes can place the ball with unbelievable accuracy, but if the players on the receiving end can corral, does it matter?

Well, now, another issue presents itself on the offensive side: Running back.

Jerrick McKinnon is out and Deneric Prince is up from the practice squad.

The run game has been a low-key minor part of the Chiefs offense thus far this season. Last week featured under 70 yards rushing, the fourth time this season they fell below that mark. McKinnon has been a very minor part of that slice, with no single game of more than 10 yards this season yet.

Where McKinnon has been most useful, though is on converting for first downs. Though he's only been given 13 carries this year to Clyde Edwards-Helaire's 38, he has just one fewer first down and boasts a success rate about the same as CEH. Football isn't always about volume, sometimes the loss of a situational back can completely change dynamics.

If there's any offense that can overcome the loss of a third-down back, it's Mahomes.