NFL Rumors: Russell Wilson's market, Kirk Cousins favorite, Justin Fields good as gone

  • In the least shocking news, it sounds like the Bears have moved on from Justin Fields
  • NFC South team favorites for Kirk Cousins
  • The breadth of the available market for Russell Wilson is somewhat surprising

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Justin Fields is unlikely to remain a Bear

The Chicago Bears, despite being stuck in mediocrity if not just plain old bad the last several years, find themselves in an envious position for yet another year going into the NFL Draft.

The Bears owned the No. 1 overall pick in last year's draft, but still confident in quarterback Justin Fields then, they opted to trade it to the Carolina Panthers, who drafted Bryce Young. In return, they got the Panthers 2024 first-round pick, which wound up becoming No. 1 in this year's draft after a remarkably disappointing year for Carolina.

So, once again the Bears are faced with the same question: Do we want to move forward with Fields, or do we want to draft a new quarterback for the future? It sounds like Chicago has made its choice, at least in regards to how to use the No. 1 overall pick.

According to Benjamin Allbright, Chicago is locked in on Caleb Williams out of USC at No. 1.


While that does not necessarily mean the Bears are guaranteed to move on from Justin Fields, one can connect the dots and make a well-informed guess that it's more likely than not Fields will play for a team other than Chicago next year.

Fields is in a curious spot. He did not perform well last year, ranking 21st in EPA per play among qualifying quarterbacks. He did find a late season groove, but it was more a progression to average than an inspiring push of greatness.

It's worth questioning whether or not Fields has had the opportunities and situation in front of him to succeed in terms of offensive weapons. Largely, he has struggled beyond first reads, but are his second and third receiving options worth judging him against?

There are enough questions about Fields and wonder about what he could be still that it seems likely some team will be interested in trading for him, albeit likely not for a huge trade haul for the Bears.