NFL Rumors: Steelers-Justin Fields trade package, Mac Jones trade, Haason Reddick fits

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  • Building a Steelers trade package for Bears QB Justin Fields

Chicago Bears v Pittsburgh Steelers
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NFL Rumors: Steelers trade package proposal for Justin Fields

It's far from secret that the Pittsburgh Steelers are exploring quarterback options this offseason. 2022 first-round pick Kenny Pickett has not shown any meaningful signs of being a franchise player at the position, Mason Rudolph is not the long-term option, and the organization has already cut ties with Mitchell Trubisky.

What direction the Steelers choose to go, however, is still up for debate. Hiring Arthur Smith as the new offensive coordinator raised some alarm bells that there could be something to signing impending free agent Ryan Tannehill, who played for Smith in Tennessee. But there's another steady drumbeat that's been building, the one wherein Pittsburgh trades for Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

The fit for Fields would make sense. What is less certain, however, is what it would take to get Fields from Chicago. There has been some light buzz that the former first-rounder could fetch a first-round pick in return, but the general consensus has long been that the Bears are eyeing a second-rounder. So what then would a Steelers trade look like?

We cooked up a trade package proposal that could make some sense.

Steelers-Fields Trade (Redo)

Obviously, the Steelers would benefit from landing Fields, but this could be a win-win overall for both clubs. The Bears get an extra second-rounder and another early Day 3 pick, which is crucial given that Chicago does not own a sixth- or seventh-round pick in 2024. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has an extra fourth-rounder via the Rams, lessening the burden to add on more compensation.

The 2025 sixth-rounder going to the Steelers with Fields is just to even the deal a bit more, but both teams would have to walk away from this trade happy given their different directions. The Steelers could hope to contend with a massive upgrade at quarterback while the Bears hit the reset button at QB, draft Caleb Williams, and would then have four Top 64 picks overall to build a roster with.

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