NFL Rumors: Steelers major drama, Kirk Cousins’ future, Mahomes’ next move

  • Kirk Cousins not ruled out as part of Vikings' future
  • Patrick Mahomes could aim to expand résumé at 2028 Olympics
  • Steelers' George Pickens stokes social media flames

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
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NFL Rumors: George Pickens deletes all Steelers references from social media

The Pittsburgh Steelers might have a problem on their hands.

No. 1 wideout George Pickens has deleted all references to the franchise from his Instagram account. It's normally unwise to get caught up in social media shenanigans, but Pickens recently posted an apparent plea to "free me" on his IG story, so it would appear the Steelers' second-year receiver is in open rebellion.

Pickens caught two of five targets for -1 yard in the Steelers' victory over the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football. Pittsburgh won the game to advance to 5-3 on the season, but in typical Steelers fashion, it was an ugly win marred by offensive struggles. Matt Canada has been the most consistently ineffective O.C. in the NFL since his arrival in 2021. With schematic concerns and an inconsistent young QB under center, it's not difficult to mount a theory as to why Pickens is unhappy with his situation.

The Steelers are right back on the clock next Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, so we should expect rapid-fire updates to this story as the week progresses. Pickens is a major talent — probably the most reliable cog in Pittsburgh's sputtering offense — but his social media behavior could land him in hot water, especially if he wills it so.

It's too late in the season to trade Pickens, so we should all strap in and prepare for an uncomfortable second half in the Burgh.


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