NFL Rumors: T.J. Watt's one flaw, injury spells end for Eagles DB, Jets emergency QB

  • Browns RT Dawand Jones wants to take advantage of a T.J. Watt flaw
  • The Eagles won't like the latest injury update on Avonte Maddox
  • The Jets have identified their emergency quarterback
Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt
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NFL Rumors: Randall Cobb is the Jets emergency quarterback

The Jets have one quarterback on their active roster after losing Aaron Rodgers to a stunning Achilles injury four plays into Monday Night Football. New York is now Zach Wilson's team, but who steps in if misfortune befalls him?

There's an easy answer, unless the team makes a move of course. Practice squad Tim Boyle is expected to take the backup spot on the roster for Sunday's game against the Cowboys.

Who would take over if the Jets get a case of the 49ers and their backup plan to the backup plan gets injured as well?

They don't have another quarterback in the organization, so wide receiver Randall Cobb is on tap as the emergency quarterback for Week 2. That's according to Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic.

Cobb was a quarterback at Kentucky before switching over to play wide receiver. So he has played the position before. But he's attempted four passes in his NFL career and completed one of them.

The Jets may be content with this plan this week, but it seems very likely they'll bring in another quarterback to fill out their roster, even if they insist that Wilson is their guy.

The NFL's emergency quarterback rule allows teams to designate an additional QB as their third option beyond the two active quarterbacks on the active game-day roster. The emergency option can only enter the game if the other two are unavailable because of injury, not performance. Cobb doesn't fill that role because he's not a full-time quarterback. An added QB in the future could receive that designation.

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