NFL Rumors: Vikings reinforcements, Steelers injury gets worse, Jets QB stubbornness

  • Pittsburgh Steelers without a big-name offensive player for the next month
  • Minnesota Vikings bring in some offensive line help
  • New York Jets not panicking over Zach Wilson just yet
Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
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NFL rumors: Jets aren't adding another QB just yet despite Zach Wilson's Week 2 struggles

The New York Jets season started with such promise after they acquired quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But on his fourth play in a Jets uniform, Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon and was ruled out for the remainder of the regular season. With that, Zach Wilson was the next man up for the Jets, and he did help lead the team to a win over the Buffalo Bills in their season-opener. Head coach Robert Saleh expressed confidence in Wilson's abilities and said he would be the starter moving forward. That and Saleh revealed that they aren't bringing in a quarterback to compete with Wilson.

This past Sunday, Wilson had his first loss of the season against the Dallas Cowboys. Despite throwing a 68-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson, the third-year quarterback struggled against the Cowboys defense, losing 30-10. Wilson threw for just 170 yards and tossed three interceptions. It wasn't the greatest of performances by Wilson. So, Jets fans are probably wondering if there will be quarterback help on the way.

Saleh was asked on Monday by reporters if the team is adding another quarterback this week, ahead of their Week 3 matchup against the New England Patriots.

Saleh praised Wilson for how much better he was in the pocket than last year. The head coach noted that Wilson's interceptions took place in garbage time when they were trying to force the football. Saleh also said that Wilson probably won't face a defense as good as Dallas'.

"Anyone who watches football -- and you look at it from a global standpoint -- will see that he's so much improved in the pocket, his presence in the pocket," said Saleh, h/t ESPN's Rich Cimini. "I thought he delivered a lot of really good passes. ... He took care of the ball. He scrambled when he needed to. He stepped up in the pocket when he needed to. ...

"Did it get away from him in the fourth quarter, when I felt like he was trying to make a play with us being down three scores? Yeah, he made a couple of throws that he didn't need to make. But up until then, I felt like if we could have just got them the damn ball and gave them some more opportunities, I think people were seeing that he was playing pretty well up until when it was garbage time and he was trying to force the ball."

It sounds as though the Jets will go forward with Wilson as the starter with Tim Boyle backing him up.