NFL salary cap room for all 32 teams entering 2024 free agency

With the NFL free agency fast approaching, here's a look at all 32 team's salary caps

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The NFL free agency period is fast approaching. Between teams cutting players for salary cap purposes, franchise tag decisions and marquee players being available, it's always a moment of intrigue. But the league itself added another element to that intrigue.

The NFL announced on Friday that the salary cap for next season would be $255.4 million, a $30.6 million increase from last season and the largest single-season increase in NFL history. The large figure came as a surprise, with the league stating that the increase came as a result of the full repayment of amounts advanced by teams and deferred by all players during the COVID pandemic and because of an increase in media revenue. There will also be $74 million extra per club that will be allotted for player benefits.

It's the most positive news players and teams could get. For players, it's a big opportunity for upcoming free agents to earn a payday. For teams, it gives them more wiggle room to manage the cap, which is always a fascinating exercise to follow.

Between the Buffalo Bills having the worst cap situation, the Chicago Bears having the third-most cap space along with the first overall pick in the draft, the Minnesota Vikings suddenly having much more money to spend and a quarterback situation to figure out, whatever is going to happen with Russell Wilson, and the Kansas City Chiefs having Chris Jones and L'Jarius Snead decisions to make (they might've started already), there's so much to look forward to.

Below is the full list of cap space (or amount over it) for all NFL teams heading into the 2024 free agency:

NFL salary cap room by team entering 2024 free agency


Cap Space

1. Washington Commanders

+$79.6 million

2. Tennessee Titans

+$78.5 million

3. Chicago Bears

+$78.3 million

4. New England Patriots

+$78 million

5. Indianapolis Colts

+$72 million

6. Houston Texans

+$67.3 million

7. Detroit Lions

+$57.6 million

8. Arizona Cardinals

+$51.1 million

9. Cincinnati Bengals

+$50.6 million

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

+$43.6 million

11. Las Vegas Raiders

+$42.9 million

12. Los Angeles Rams

+$39.9 million

13. Minnesota Vikings

+$35.8 million

14. Carolina Panthers

+$34.5 million

15. Atlanta Falcons

+$33 million

16. New York Giants

+$30.6 million

17. Philadelphia Eagles

+$27.4 million

18. Jacksonville Jaguars

+$24.4 million

19. Kansas City Chiefs

+$17.1 million

20. Baltimore Ravens

+$16.6 million

21. New York Jets

+$12.7 million

22. Seattle Seahawks

+$12.5 million

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

+$8.9 million

24. Green Bay Packers

+$2.3 million

25. San Francisco 49ers

-$5 million

26. Cleveland Browns

-$7.7 million

27. Dallas Cowboys

-$9.8 million

28. Denver Broncos

-$16.8 million

29. Los Angeles Chargers

-$25.6 million

30. Miami Dolphins

-$29 million

31. New Orleans Saints

-$39.8 million

32. Buffalo Bills

-$43.8 million

The moratorium period — the time when negotiations between teams and players can happen — starts on March 11 at 12 p.m. ET, while signings can start on March 13. Teams have until the 13th at 4 p.m. to get under the cap, which means that the 49ers, Browns, Cowboys, Broncos, Chargers, Dolphins, Saints and Bills will be very busy in the upcoming days.

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