3 NFL teams that need to acquire Derrick Henry this offseason and why

The Tennessee Titans are likely to let Derrick Henry walk in free agency, but some teams can add the former Pro-Bowler to their offense and instantly become contenders
Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) takes the field for possibly his last game with the
Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) takes the field for possibly his last game with the / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA
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2 Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen this, Josh Allen that, where is the help in the running game? Placing everything on No. 17 is simply inexcusable and downright offensive by the Bills front office. They need a running back, and given the franchise's history, having a good running back often leads to success. That's why Derrick Henry would naturally fit right in. The Bills have not had a strong running game for much of Josh Allen's tenure. Furthermore, the weather in Buffalo during the winter is a perfect match for the running game.

Additionally, ball control would be at an all-time high as Henry's large size and physical running style keeps Buffalo's defense off the field, giving extra rest and energy, leading to more opportunities to rush the passer as opposed to being gassed and having to play catchup. Second, Josh Allen won't take as much punishment as he subjects himself to, leaving him enough energy to push the ball down the field more and be more comfortable when he does decide to take off and run.

Because it's in the AFC, the Titans may not want to trade. But again, if Henry is a free agent, he can absolutely sign with Buffalo, and that would certainly make Bills Mafia happy. The roster is ready for a Super Bowl run, they just need a few more pieces and tweaks. The fans are extremely desperate for one ring. They already shovel snow and jump through tables because of passion. Shoveling snow while also getting to see Derrick Henry play and possibly make a run for the Super Bowl? That's a very nice bonus.