NFL Trade Grades: Bears add protection for Justin Fields in deal with Dolphins

The Chicago Bears made an investment to their offensive line by making a trade with the Miami Dolphins for a versatile mauler.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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Late Monday Night, Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles saw a glaring weakness in the depth of the offensive line and decided to do something about it.

Using a sixth-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, Chicago made a deal with the Miami Dolphins to acquire OG/C Dan Feeney. With 64 starts under his belt, experience wise, the Bears could not be more fortunate. It also helps that they get someone with a sweet mullet and mustache.

Dolphins trade Dan Feeney to Bears

NFL Trade Grades: Chicago Bears acquire OG/C Dan Feeney from Miami Dolphins to protect Justin Fields

From an outside perspective, the deal makes sense. The interior of the Bears' offensive line is banged up. Lucas Patrick, Cody Whitehair, and Teven Jenkins are all questionable at this point to go in Week 1. Hence, the need to get Feeney into their rotation and possibly into the starting lineup. That's where it gets tricky.

According to Pro Football Focus, in 2020 as a starter at center for the LA Chargers, Feeney had a rough outing, allowing 24 hurries and 33 QB pressures, both the worst in the league. Feeney also had issues with penalties. It may have been just one season, but it's a cause for concern.

Still, that doesn't mean he's not a durable option, yet it's best if Chicago plugs him in at guard with less responsibility as opposed to center and become the next Sam Mustipher. It's not a break the bank type of deal, but it's also not one that's going to dramatically shift the fortunes in the trenches for the Bears.

Bears Grade: C

NFL Trade Grades: Miami Dolphins acquire late round pick for OG/C Dan Feeney in trade with Bears

Reasonably speaking, this was probably what Miami was going to get for Feeney. It's not as if Dan Feeney was Bob Kuechenberg or Larry Little, and shipping him off would damage the Dolphins' front line. It's a small loss, but also a blessing where Miami didn't just cut bait. They got some form of compensation in this deal.

That said, getting a sixth-round pick may have been a tad low considering the wealth of experience Feeney has with playing time. But the reality is, Miami gets some form of compensation as a result for making this deal, and it opens the door for another young player who may have been cut initially to now having a chance to make the team.

A closed door opens another, and Miami was able to do that. It wasn't a high level of compensation, but at this point, they will take what they can get. Sometimes, a small move doesn't cost much, unless of course Feeney goes on to become a Pro Bowler for the Bears, which in all likelihood, will not happen.

Dolphins Grade: C+

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