NFL trade grades: Broncos reunite Bo Nix with familiar weapon

Bo Nix will have a familiar face to throw the football to in Denver with Troy Franklin coming aboard.
Bo Nix, Troy Franklin, Oregon Ducks
Bo Nix, Troy Franklin, Oregon Ducks / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

For as criticized as the Denver Broncos were for reaching on Oregon quarterback Bo Nix at No. 12 on Thursday, they may have made a move that could go a long way in making that first-round pick work out. In the early stages of day three of the 2024 NFL Draft, Denver traded up to No. 102 in a deal with the Seattle Seahawks to be in a position to draft Nix's former teammate in wide receiver Troy Franklin.

Denver had to give up No. 121, No. 136 and No. 207 this year to get to No. 102. The Broncos also picked up No. 235 in the deal with Seattle. I think what this move does is further hitch head coach Sean Payton's wagon to drafting Nix out of Oregon. Franklin should have been a day-two pick, so I fully understand Denver's need to trade up to get him. Then again, why double-down on Nix here?

Together, Nix and Franklin did extraordinary things playing for Dan Lanning the last few years. While none of that amounted to ever beating bitter rival Washington even once, we did see the Ducks fly together with Nix at quarterback. Even more impressive, he was able to elevate his game playing for two different offensive coordinators in that span. First with Kenny Dillingham and then with Will Stein.

Here's Adam Schefter's tweet signifying the Broncos' importance of moving up to get Franklin for Nix.

Let's discuss if this was actually a good trade, or a bad one, for the Broncos for the time being...

NFL trade grades: Broncos move up to get Bo Nix Troy Franklin at No. 102

As it is with any of these draft picks, we will need a few years to see how this panned out for both parties. For Seattle, the Seahawks essentially picked up an additional pick from Denver to have another bite at the apple. Seattle general manager John Schneider tends to hit on his later-round picks. The Seahawks' drafts are usually weird ones, but I trust the man making the decisions there.

As for Denver, this move does make me like the Nix draft pick ever so slightly more. It is really all about giving Nix as much of an opportunity to succeed in Payton's offense. Denver may be justified in reaching on Nix because of how the board shook out. However, it is still hard for me to truly get behind a double-down quite like this. I like the idea of trading up to get Franklin, but it is all about Nix.

Since this is the time of the NFL calendar year where being positive goes a long way, I don't hate this pick. I am okay with Denver moving up to get Franklin. If it helps Nix get the most out of his limited ceiling as an NFL quarterback, then I am all for it. The compensation Denver gave up to Seattle to get him is fine. I just really have a hard time getting behind the Broncos doubling down in a bad decision.

Regardless, if this is what the Broncos want to do, then I should not rip them to hard for this trade up.

Grade: Broncos: B, Seahawks: B

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