NFL Twitter clowns Kadarius Toney in hilarious fashion as injury status changes for Bills game

Kadarius Toney won't play on Sunday, and NFL Twitter had a hilarious reaction to the news.
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

With the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills set to match up yet again in the NFL Playoffs on Sunday in the Divisional Round, of course fans are looking back to each and everyone one of the Chiefs vs Bills matchups from the Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen era.

None is more relevant than this year's regular season meeting, where a controversial offside penalty called against Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney had a sizable impact on the game. The Chiefs were livid, arguing that the penalty is seldom called.

Toney, the unquestioned scapegoat of the loss to Buffalo, is not going to have a chance to ruin the Chiefs' efforts on Sunday because he's out with an injury.

Normally, a receiver being out -- especially with how thin the options have been for Mahomes this year -- would draw an instant poor reflection for the offensive side, but fans actually think this bodes well for the Chiefs.

Fans think Chiefs will be better off without Kadarius Toney

Showers of "advantage Chiefs" rained down in response to the news.

Toney was acquired in a trade with the New York Giants last year. There were hopes the Chiefs could help him recapture his potential when he was first drafted into the league, but he's struggled even with an All-Pro quarterback tossing balls his way.

Toney caught 27 passes this year for 169 yards. He was worst on the squad in terms of dropped passes and second-worst in fumbles (1). He earned a 3rd-best offensive grade from Pro Football Focus of the receiving group but ninth-best when you add in tight ends and backs.

Fans still hope he can capture a late resurgence and play into a Super Bowl push in the championship round and later, should the Chiefs win... But most won't miss his presence against the Bills, especially given memories of that offside call.

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