NFL Twitter drags Stefon Diggs for another annoyingly cryptic tweet

Stefon Diggs takes to social media again to cryptically air out his frustrations, to no one's surprise.

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On the fourth anniversary of the Stefon Diggs trade between the Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills, the always seemingly disgruntled wide receiver took to social media on Saturday to air out his grievances (as per usual).

"Well....." Diggs posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) amid his uncertain future with the Bills, with this weekend having monumental financial ramifications for Buffalo.

His $18.5 million salary for next season becomes fully guaranteed on Mar. 17, carrying a $27.854 million cap hit for 2024. Alternatively, trading him before June 1 would set off a cap charge worth $31.096.

The Bills are in a tough spot with Diggs, and his perplexing tweets are not helping matters. He has exhausted his cryptic social media post allowance, which is why NFL X/Twitter isn’t being as sympathetic this time and highlighting how we’ve seen this movie before from the incredibly talented yet polarizing receiver.

NFL Twitter drags Stefon Diggs for latest cryptic post

If anything has been made clear by Diggs and his obscure tweets, it is hard to understand why he makes these posts, who exactly they are directed at, and what he is trying to say. Why not have a translator who could decipher the hidden messages behind his social media activity?

Stud wide receivers are stereotypically known to be exuberantly confident, almost to a fault, which can turn them into divas. By seeking the attention of others with yet another mysterious tweet, Diggs has unfortunately rubbed people the wrong way and earned the cliché reputation.

This tweet perfectly encapsulates how often Diggs has done this before and how good he’s become at being impossible to understand through social media. He’d be the Super Bowl champion of cryptic tweeting -- if it were a sport.

Moreover, the Bills could release Diggs before his salary becomes fully guaranteed on Sunday, although it’d cost them roughly $9 million in dead cap this year and $22.247 in 2025. However, Buffalo would also get nothing in return by cutting him loose, simultaneously losing their top receiving option.