NFL Twitter is convinced Brittany Mahomes denied Jackson Mahomes club entry in Vegas

Brittany Mahomes appears to have iced Jackson Mahomes out on Saturday. Tough look.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Las Vegas is such a premium host city for the Super Bowl that even the big names are getting boxed out.

Getting denied, from anything, might be one of the most humiliating feelings. It's especially miserable when the reasoning appears to be because of an artificial, "capacity." When it feels like they'll always be at capacity for people like us, it really hurts.

Jackson Mahomes -- brother of Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick -- whose last name can usually probably get him just about anywhere, appeared to get denied from a private area at a Future concert in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Brittany Mahomes private area appears to decline Jackson Mahomes

A TikTok circulated on the social media platform and X (formerly known as Twitter) that appeared to show a security guard denying Mahomes entry to a private area that Brittany Mahomes -- Patrick's wife -- was partying in.

The video, noticeably cut and potentially out of context, shows Brittany and Jackson purportedly trying to convince a security guard to let Jackson into the section. The security guard appears to give a clear no to Jackson. The second cut shows Brittany appearing to look over to where Jackson is, outside of her section, with a massive shrug as to say, "sorry bud, did all I could do." She proceeds to start grooving to Future, as any of us would do in a similar situation.

Having never been high class enough to warrant access to a private area at a concert, I can firmly say I don't know what feeling boxed out from this feels like for someone like Jackson. Having been denied from other more irrelevant things in life, I'm sure it stings.

Moreover, I'm certain Jackson is already over it, and looking forward to his luxury access at the Super Bowl today.


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