NFL Twitter reacts to 49ers defense getting richer with Randy Gregory trade

*checks phone again* Yup, the 49ers just did that. Here's the only appropriate reaction to the Randy Gregory trade if you're not a San Francisco fan.

Randy Gregory, Denver Broncos
Randy Gregory, Denver Broncos / Michael Owens/GettyImages

It can't be. It's not fair. Who let this happen?! The San Francisco 49ers completed a trade for Broncos pass-rusher Randy Gregory on Friday, and we still can't figure out which is more laughable.

That the 49ers have a RIDICULOUSLY stacked defense with talented playmakers at every level, or that the Broncos fumbled so badly giving Gregory a $70 million extension in 2022.

The 49ers acquired the 31-year-old pass-rusher for just pennies on the dollar (and zero financial risk!): they sent a 2024 sixth-rounder in return for Gregory and a 2024 seventh-rounder. Just like the Chase Claypool and J.C. Jackson trades, but somehow, this one feels so unfair.

Gregory recorded his most productive seasons in Dallas, recording two six-sack campaigns in 2018 and 2021. Due to injuries and policy violations, he never grew into a reliable starter with the Cowboys, and despite signing a five-year extension with Denver in 2022, he was going to be released by the Broncos earlier this month.

Instead, the Broncos got a sixth-rounder out of him in a trade with the 49ers. Good for them. Now, they can watch the NFC burn starting this Sunday when Gregory and his new defense takes on his former team, the Cowboys.

First CMC last year, and now Gregory? John Lynch is giving Howie Roseman a run for his money.

Here are the fan reactions.

The End is Near: 49ers assemble Doomsday Defense with pass-rushing acquisition Randy Gregory

Holy Toledo Batman indeed.

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