Ball Don’t Lie: 3 worst calls from Week 1 in the NFL

Year after year, there's always one loser in football: The referees. Here are the absolute worst calls from Week 1.
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
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Arden Key, Titans
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Week 1 NFL Worst Calls: The Saints-Titans fumble that never was

In the Saints' 16-15 win over the Titans, you bet every play matters. And one play that perhaps ended too quickly was in the second quarter when Titans' pass-rusher Arden Key -- who had been dominant all game -- easily blew by the Saints' offensive line and swiped at the football while it was still in Derek Carr's hands.

The ball tumbled forward and was recovered by Titans safety Kevin Byard, who would have have a straight path to the end zone had the referees not blown the play dead.

Referee Ron Torbet and his officiating crew ruled it an incomplete pass on the field. However, replays show Carr more clearly in forward throwing motion just before Key disrupted the ball.

When Titans coach Mike Vrabel challenged, the replay crew couldn't come to a conclusive decision and let the call on the field stand. The Saints would convert a 33-yard field goal immediately after to tie the game.

Arden Key forcing a turnover in that moment may not have guaranteed a Titans victory, but it would have certainly changed the momentum of the game and likely swung things in Tennessee's favor.