The 2024 NWSL 2024 Kits: Every team's kit superlative award

The NWSL has released their 2024 kits in dramatic NWSL fashion, dropping a brand new home and away for all fourteen teams. Throwing it back to the ranking from last year, we’re giving out more superlatives to this year’s kits.

Photo Credit: Nike
Photo Credit: Nike / Photo Credit: Nike
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Best to Bring Home to the Parents: Seattle Reign FC

Simple is king, or queen in this instance. The Seattle Reign have entered their rebrand era in stunning regal style, with a kit that could be considered boring but surpasses expectations with a supreme color palette and any other standards. But for the return of Seattle’s historically inspired crest, these effortless kits combine a signature blue with perfectly placed gold accents to produce a dignified result that doesn’t need to be over the top to get the point across. These kits communicate clearly exactly what the Reign are about, without relying on complex shapes or narratives to do so. They’re a winner all around, and absolutely the best kit to bring home to win over the parents.