The 2024 NWSL 2024 Kits: Every team's kit superlative award

The NWSL has released their 2024 kits in dramatic NWSL fashion, dropping a brand new home and away for all fourteen teams. Throwing it back to the ranking from last year, we’re giving out more superlatives to this year’s kits.

Photo Credit: Nike
Photo Credit: Nike / Photo Credit: Nike
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Most Likely to Be a Film Extra: Utah Royals

This kit is so close to something great, and yet it ends up fading into the background. The mountains here are lost in the varying shades of yellow, with nothing to make them stand out. This is especially disappointing considering that Utah had some great kits during their original time in the league, something that the “Ascent” kit misses the mark on. For better or for worse, both Utah and the Bay have less-than-ideal inaugural kits, making comparing the two a moot point. But while the Bay have the excuse of starting from scratch, Utah had the benefit of kits of the past and instead opted for a subtle launch that doesn’t give much to talk about.