The 2024 NWSL 2024 Kits: Every team's kit superlative award

The NWSL has released their 2024 kits in dramatic NWSL fashion, dropping a brand new home and away for all fourteen teams. Throwing it back to the ranking from last year, we’re giving out more superlatives to this year’s kits.

Photo Credit: Nike
Photo Credit: Nike / Photo Credit: Nike
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Most likely to Direct a High Art Film: Orlando Pride

This citrus explosion from the Pride definitely provides something unique from previous years, honing in on a new aspect of their home state by embracing the Florida orange. The idea here is admirable, but the execution leaves things a bit too outlandish to be practical. Much like a high art film, this kit feels like it has to be explained to fully understand what’s going on in the overlapping pattern that doesn’t clearly define itself as oranges to the audience.

You have to applaud Orlando’s choice here to depart from their signature color, but not every story can be a success. The colors on this kit seem to be unsure of themselves, and using a peach-toned pink on a kit inspired by oranges feels contradictory. The graphics of the “Citrus” kit feel too unclear to effectively communicate a great idea, and instead, it ends up leaving a sour taste in the mouth.