The 2024 NWSL 2024 Kits: Every team's kit superlative award

The NWSL has released their 2024 kits in dramatic NWSL fashion, dropping a brand new home and away for all fourteen teams. Throwing it back to the ranking from last year, we’re giving out more superlatives to this year’s kits.

Photo Credit: Nike
Photo Credit: Nike / Photo Credit: Nike
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Most Accident-Prone: Washington Spirit

The Washington Spirit are likely to cause a bit of confusion and possibly a few accidents with the mismatched stripes of the “Blackout” kit, part of their ongoing rebrand as they move into a new era of black and yellow. The Spirit says the lines in their new home kit are inspired by the architecture around the district, but if anything around the district was constructed this way, it would probably be in violation of several codes.

It does come with a fun instruction to fans, encouraging them to blackout Audi with the Spirit, who are pushing for more sell-out crowds. But in general, this kit feels out of focus literally and figuratively, where an opportunity for landmark details was pushed aside for a fuzzy concept. It’s also impossible to talk about the Spirit’s kit this season without mentioning the yellow, for which the opposition might have to wear sunglasses.