NWSL offseason: 4 biggest questions that need to be answered

The page has been turned. Say goodbye to a 12-team league. 14 here we come. Before the offseason goes full steam ahead in December, here are four lingering questions.

2023 NWSL Championship - Media Day
2023 NWSL Championship - Media Day / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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Time to get into the nitty-gritty. It is not as enthralling as a 90-minute match in this league. To be realistic, not much is. What transpires over the next few months could get pretty close. Make sure you put your seat belt on. It's bound to be a ride to remember. What your team looks like now may be completely different than the one that is preparing for league play in 2024. Well, not may, it will. Whether that be on the field or in the leadership roles on the sidelines.

There is less than one month until the expansion draft takes place live on CBS Sports Network. It has only been weeks since the final whistle of the NWSL Championship sounded, but the chaos has not taken a break. That noise is only going to continue. Bay FC have signed two top-class defensive-minded players while Utah has brought in five recruits at the time of writing.

We have already seen every side make its respective roster announcements in addition to these new teams making moves via trade. Keep those notifications on, more announcements are on the horizon. With all this build-up, here are four questions we have throughout the league.

4 massive questions we have right now on the NWSL offseason

4. What is Bay FC's next splash going to be?

Sure, Caprice Dydasco and Alex Loera are going to be instrumental in the way Albertin Montoya seeks to play in Bay FC's inaugural campaign. Neither is that "big splash" though. What is a "big splash"? Well, it's more of a feeling. When you open up your phone after a notification and your jaw drops. That's kind of the move we're thinking of.

With the owners that are leading this San Francisco-based team, this club is going to attempt to do what San Diego accomplished in its first season. With even more teams in its way, that mission is going to be that much more challenging.

The Wave obtained two players from the USWNT's 2019 World Cup-winning team ahead of its first campaign. A little over 120 miles north, Angel City brought in Christen Press, an individual who sits in the top 10 in USWNT history in total goals scored during that time. What are BFC going to do? Maybe Loera and Dydasco are that "big splash". Who knows, but I feel like there is more to come other from the northern California side than the players selected on December 15.