Oakland mayor calls out A's owner John Fisher for lazy effort to stay in Bay

Oakland mayor Sheng Thao called out John Fisher and the Athletics for their lazy effort in returning to Oakland.

Cincinnati Reds v Oakland Athletics
Cincinnati Reds v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

The Oakland Athletics rumored move to Las Vegas has not gone according to plan, as a new ballpark has yet to officially be agreed upon. To Oakland mayor Sheng Thao, this is far from surprising, as A's owner John Fisher has long rebuffed Oakland's plans to replace the Colosseum, asking for too much in public funding.

In an appearance on Foul Territory, Thao ripped into Fisher, revealing that he made little effort to meet her halfway...or even meet her at all.

This isn't exactly new information regarding Fisher, who is arguably the worst owner in baseball and professional sports. Fisher has openly complained about the Oakland Colosseum and the city's willingness to provide a new stadium. Yet, he continues to stand in opposition to just about any solution.

Oakland mayor Sheng Thao might to call out the Athletics

Thao has even gone as far as to suggest that the city of Oakland can help find a new buyer of the Athletics if Fisher is interested in selling the asset altogether. This came just weeks after Thao applied pressure on Fisher and A's ownership to find a solution after another failed stadium opportunity in Vegas.

“We’re seeing that he has the same issues going to Las Vegas,” Thao told The Athletic. “There was a thought that this plan he had in the beginning was viable. And now we’re seeing that actually, maybe the plan isn’t viable. The question becomes, are the plans not viable or is it that the ownership’s not viable?”

Fans in Oakland want a baseball team. Fisher seems dead set on moving the Athletics to Vegas, but the planning process throughout has been miserable. Rival owners gave the A's their consent to move the team. Unfortunately for baseball fans in Oakland (and Vegas for that matter), inept ownership has failed to provide any clarity.

For now, the Athletics franchise is in limbo.